Leonard Cohen “The Darkness”

I got the darkness baby…..

…. it was drinking from your cup,

I got the darkness

from your little ruby cup

I said ‘is this contagious?’

You said ‘just drink it up’

I’ve got no future baby

I know my days are few

I’ve got no future though

As I say I know my days are few

Is the present not that pleasant

Just a lot of things to do

I don’t like your sticky little bud

I don’t like alcohol

I don’t need your loving touch

That’s always been your call

Cause there’s nothing but the darkness

Makes any sense to me at all

I should have seen the darkness

It was right behind your eyes

All those pools so deep and heartless

I just had to take a dive

Ah yea but winning you was easy

Ah but the darkness was the price

Got no future (x3)

Yea I know the days are few

The present is not that pleasant

Just a lot of things to do


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Blownut said...

drinking it up all right

stay out of the crosshairs!